The Sobriety Thread


I haven’t knocked down a cyclist while sober in 16 days


Make up your mind, which is it?


Seven days off it and I’m hoping not to touch a drop again until February. The clarity and freshness when you’re off it is unreal. I can only imagine what 30 days booze free would feel like. I drank probably every night for the three weeks before my self imposed ban.


If your newfound clarity helps you pick out winners like yesterday you are welcome to tell us all about your non drinking.


Is this thread just for lads that can only drink to excess or go teetotal and aren’t able to enjoy alcohol like a normal well adjusted person?


It’s for both types of people. Extremists have much more personality about them than moderates in any case.


Please define a well adjusted normal person.


Everything in moderation, including moderation


Go hard or go home.


A gay rights extremist? a pro abortion extremist ?


Better than a gay moderate or pro-abortion moderate.

You’re either in or you’re out.


Baby killer.


I’m anti-abortion.


I lapsed badly last night, guys. I even ended up in that cunt hole House. I also posed for pictures with people who thought I was Manchester United chief executive Ed Woodward.



Everyone knows you are Woogie, not Woodie.


He’s pushing 50 pal.

You need to read some wim hof and get into breathing and cold showers before the stress and bad diet destroy your body at a cellular level.


My 5 days of abstinence is about to end…


None since I scoffed down about 6 rapid pints last Sunday evening. I vowed none all weekend but would have hurtled head first from the wagon at 3/4:00pm only for a Gaa meeting @ 8:00. Thank fuck. The longing is gone from me.
However it’ll be Sunday morning that’ll test me. Too busy tomorrow, it’s great waking up fresh on a Sunday, but by 12:00 you’ve all your chores done and the longing for a pint is hard to stop.


Went to the pub with work colleagues this evening, had soda water and lime two glasses and fucked off home, had no interest in it


The pub without the booze?
Or the booze?