The Sobriety Thread


Well initially the booze but once the boys had 4/5 down them it was time for me to depart as they were in giddy mode at that stage as well as a number of others in the pub


Signing out.


I’d say they were happy to see the back of you! Why did you even bother going?

Christ, the pain of the poor unfortunates who ended up beside you trying to make conversation and then manoeuvre themselves away while lumbering some other poor individual with you. I’d say they’d have rather stayed in work… Im guessing it was really depressing while you were there but definitely picked up after.

Actually, are you the same lad who said;
Not 100% clued in on Norn Iron politics, would I be right in saying;
DUP - Unionist and Prod vote
UUP - As above
_Shinners- Nationalist and Catholic _
SDLP - mixed vote

Sorry, that’s quite funny, your probably a good laugh, my apologies. I’d say the work night went downhill when you left.




St John of Gods was it?


signing in. not a drop in 16 hours. sleep wont be great tonight,


2 weeks today. Last Friday night was a test. The few bottles of Corona that we had in the house are now out in the shed. Box of wine buried under the stairs somewhere.


10 hours now without a drop. Pray for me lads.


Christmas party tonight. I debated going as there’s fuck all to be gained from going to these things but i’ll enjoy the free meal and 4 (four) free drinks and see what way things are shaping up.


15 days.


Christmas was a month ago, buddy.


Well done you :clap:


You’ll be binge drinking again I suppose? God help those around you tomorrow morning.:disappointed_relieved:


19 days since my only alcoholic beverage of 2017. Haven’t even noticed I’ve been off it. Not missing it currently so might just Power on for another few months as part of my fitness/saving money regimes.


Have to laugh at the sheep who think they can undo a month of overindulgence by depriving themselves for a month. This is where the fake science of detox comes from. Droning on then looking for kudos for “staying off the drink”. They can even count the number of days they’re so proud of themselves. Congratulations you stupid fuckers that can’t enjoy yourselves without overindulging and can’t regain balance in your lives without deprivation.


Do lads really have to persist with this - I’m off it - lark. You’re an adult, you go periods without having a drink, that’s what normal people do. Do you go around telling people you are off pasta if you go two/three weeks without having it? Chirst above… This thread really highlights the retarded relationship Irish people have with alcohol - a juvenile one. Grow up, you simple cunts.

I’ll probably give it up for February myself after tonight.


:clap: you’ve really put @Bandage and cauliwhats his name in their boxes.


Still off it. Cycling in the morning and going to T2 tomorrow night so that’s the weekend sorted. Will enjoy a few pints of Smithwicks Wednesday evening.


A noble drink


The only reason I knew it was x amount of days was because I posted a picture of said beverage in the Gay beer thread. I was saying I hadn’t even realised I was off it at all; hadn’t intended on but the finances are fierce shook at the moment so wasn’t in a position to treat myself. Won’t have a decent payday until the end of February so that will probably coincide with me going back to being a moderate drinker again