The Sobriety Thread


Highly recommend Smithwicks for weddings/stags/all day sessions. That and Beamish are the hardest things to get drunk on


Eh. This thread is aimed at heterosexual men that would drink a barrel of porter at each sitting, not at a snowflake like you that sips a west coast cooler over that course of 2 hours and makes it out to be a session.


What’s the ‘pint’ of that? I’d rather be shipped off to bed rat-arsed than sipping on Smithwicks for 14 hours and being sober… Get on the 5.5-6% brew and enjoy yourself.




You’ve seen me on the Treaty pal. Not a good move for a lengthy session.


Fuck em if they can’t take a joke … I’d love a few treaty tonight… I’ll have to make do with some inferior Cork drink.


I loves me pints


Had you the red Treaty yet? 3.75/5


I’ve to make a presentation tonight @ 9:30 for a retirement, I’ll be in the pub since circa 7:00. …
I suppose I can only get so drunk in 2.5 hours. I’m nervous as fuck over it though so a few nervous gulps and you’ve 8 pints drank before you know it.


No, not yet … i’ll add it to the book.


I don’t need to make anything out to be anything. I can enjoy drink without having to boast about how much I drank and not drink without counting how many days I’m off it. I’ll go to a club and after party tomorrow night and have a good old 12 hours or so. I’ll try to refrain from signing in on Sunday to post the list of drinks I drank like some awkward first year engineering student from the backarse of tipp might do.

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I know mate. You’re not the type I was having a pop at. It’s the lads who can’t drink without telling you “I drank 12 pints last night” and can’t not drink without telling you “I’ve been off the drink for 8 days” that grind my gears.


A club and after party :joy::joy:
Only people with mates do that, and planning an after party ?? Wtf.


Is one of the biddies who mugged you off retiring?


Guys, is it not okay to mention sobriety on the sobriety thread any more?

Fuck all you cunts who’ve been boasting about sobriety and winding up other posters.

Naturally they got very pissed off and now you’ve ruined it for the rest of us.


I have a Christmas do tonight, as it happens.
I’ll go with that attitude.


If the conversation involved years rather than days it would be a topic worthy of engaging in.


I can’t get over the 5 day hump lads


You’re getting too affected by casual / throwaway posts, mate.