The Sobriety Thread


No unfortunately. It’s for a guy I hardly know actually and it’s just dawned on me that I should actually research his career and know what I’m shiting on about.


The terminology- I’m off it - boils my piss, mate.


That looks deeelicious.


It was!


A proper pint


GlasagusGowl is just seething because he ate a big bowl of sherry trifle on Jan 3rd and broke his fast.


I bought 10 bottles on Stella on my way home from work.

I intend to toast Rafa’s victory tonight.



Vamos indeed


Whiskey o clock. Yurt. Fuck you @Bandage


No need for that.


I’ll gut you like a pig you cunt. I’m the daddy around here.


32 days off it now, I didn’t overindulge in December or anything, want to try give it up altogether


25 seconds off it at the moment :flushed:


6 hours.


About 10 minutes now, feeling alive


I’ve been off it since midnight having been dragged round half the trendy shitholes in the northern quarter, where you couldn’t buy a nice drink, only homebrew crap which is all too strong.
I’ll remain a pioneer til about six pm.
As an aside, there was a pleasantly unexpected lack of incipient violence in the northern quarter, most unlike the Manchester of old.


Just over 31 hours dry now. However I’ve a feeling I’ll be attending a public house by 12:00pm today.


7 days and very unlikely to break this weekend, club table quiz this evening and I’d better be sober to mark answers etc. This sobriety lark is good so far.


You’re no good to us sober @Brimmer_Bradley.


I do understand that @Juhniallio, but I’ve a hell of a session coming up on Feb 25th + 26th. I’ll insult all and sundry then and post absolute tripe again for a few hours.
That I promise.