The Sobriety Thread


Day 42 . Might go for a couple of pints tonight after an underage medal presentation . If not it’ll probably be 2 weeks time before I’ll get a chance to have a few when I have a planned trip to cork .


Signing out


47 days without a drop, I feel great, unbelievable in fact


Like @Horsebox.
Sorry I meant like everything he says. Unbelievable.


Got to 40 days but going to a 40th tonight with the college buddies and I’m going to quietly sneak down off the wagon and have a few. Back up again tomorrow for a long stint off it again


16 hours. Feel unreal.


Signing out


What’s that shit?

Ribena with washing up liquid?


:joy: says the Stella drinker


Stella is a premium lager.


In British council estates


In Belgium, the Mecca of lagers.



You haven’t a clue. Stella is the cheap piss that they sell to mugs around the world. Stella is rarely touched by anyone in Belgium bar a few young lads and immigrants.


Commenting with authority on another matter you know nothing about.

Another stater spoofer.


Stella is for real


The neutradol. :joy:

Yes man that owns that treaty city ale has moved into the locality, I’ll have to call around.


When it comes to beer, I know a lot more than you, that’s for sure… go do some research of your own and you’ll see.

Most Belgians drink Jupiler, Palm or local brewed stuff like Brugge Zot or Rochefort… Duvel and Leffe are middle of the road in popularity.

Stella is way down the list and I don’t even recall seeing it the few times I was in Belgium… It’s like Fosters in Oz, exported to the council estate lads in the UK, no one drinks it back where it comes from.


The red is far nicer.


Jupiler is a lovely drink.


Clearly you don’t as Stella is a much more renowned beer and higher selling beer than any of those.

You buy your wine from a petrol store.