The Sobriety Thread


Getting back on topic, after my one night of weakness over two weeks ago I’m on day 16 of sobriety. That’s 57 days in all I haven’t taken a drink in 2017.


That’s amazing. How many days did you go without eating pasta?


Love the way they name it after Richard Harris .


How many days without sugar in your tay?


What other foods/drinks have you stayed away from, pal?


I suppose with your kitchen being so grubby you’d spot the neutradol straight off. I had to google it to see what it was.


We can’t all be anal lonely singletons with a Lithuanian calling around three times a week to tidy the house after the bed bath and the complan.




Just about to set off for a few pints of Guinness with some chums.

That’ll be 26 days of sobriety coming to an end.

cc @ChocolateMice


Enjoy, mate. Say hello to @ClarkeyCat for me.


signing out after 1 week. off to the local soon where i was fucked out of previously. they better put on the club finals…


signing in,my clarity of thought at the moment is unreal


Have a matcha latte mate


Signing in for the next month or so


You soft kilkenny cunt


That’s soft fat Kilkenny cunt, need to get fit


January is a great month for drinking. Less idiots out when you want to head out for handy pints.


I was off it totally last year from 27th December til 17th March. I felt great. I’m going off it now for January at least


Signing in. I am banning myself from the whisky/whiskey thread.


Not going to stop and will have a couple of glasses of wine tonight but starting to find I enjoy the big drinking sessions less and less.