The Sobriety Thread


Don’t be dropping e to make up for the gap .


My in laws called around for dinner last night and we had multiple hot whiskeys. Slept like a baby last night and feeling refreshed and ready for the year ahead.

Best of luck to those facing sobriety challenges for the year ahead


I’m signing in until Friday. Or maybe Saturday.


what about your magical hangover elixir?


I can’t drink for shite anymore.

Any kind of reasonably big session and I need to sleep it off until about midday the next day otherwise I am fucked.

Pretty shocking carry on.


Signing in for a fortnight or so. The 2018 Co-Op Superstores Munster Hurling League tie between Limerick and Clare could see me break for a cheeky one or two. (cc @Batigol)


Is there any chance that drinking five nights a week is finally starting to take its toll?


How many did I have this week - since you’re asking?!


It works to prevent or greatly lesson hangovers.


once you don’t get hangovers surely nights out are a lot more enjoyable?




Now til Cheltenham


Signing out


I had two pints after work yesterday the first since 28th December and I feel like shit this morning


Hopefully that will teach you a lesson.


It has


dedided to give up the booze for a few weeks just to see. 10 days down. I may crack next week as I have an international business trip and enjoy a glass of red wine when traveling.

Are these cancer warnings going to be on pint glasses. Are they fuck.


Day 7 (seven) of dry November. Feeling much better in myself, clarity of thought, resting well, making the right decisions time after time…


When’s your period over you fucking pussy?


30th November, pal