The Sobriety Thread


Clarity of thought? Sure you had that from getting up early no??


Sure another one will start then mate.


Thinking very clear these days


54 days off it myself don’t think I’ll go back on it again


Day 14600.


Day 4 here. Looking forward to going on the lash again.


The camera on my phone is broken at the moment so it’s been a while


4 days off of it today. I won’t lie, it’s a struggle.


A nice few glasses of red and a few Bushmills 10 last night in Madrid. A G&T on the flight home today. Got a power of work done and my mind is as clear as crystal


Functioning alcoholic :clap: like looking in a mirror


Were you a take it or leave it drinker, Ray or are you battling serious addiction issues?


Nosey prick


Dunno, lads.


Neither - I binge drank though and hangovers were getting worse and worse, had enough of it


Suck my balls, bro.


What would you define as binge drinking Ray?


Interesting. I’ve had bouts of considering quitting it for good in the last 6 months. Once that creature comes calling though it’s hard to resist.


Had a Wedding last week, went hard. Took approximately 4 fucking days for the fog to clear.
Fuck That Shit.

To be a successful drinker you need to be practicing regularly, now if the 2yr could manage a Diesel Estate I’d consider it but until then I’m out.


classic alcoholic signs there


There was a time lads would go out to socalize over a Pint.

Nowadays these lads are going buckape on Alcopops and constantly checking their hair & phones.

I blame FG.