The Sobriety Thread


I’ve been asking some tough questions of myself lately.


Have you ever considered switching to yokes?


My heart’s not in them anymore.


That’s the thing with yokes, if you’re not 100% committed to them they can be nasty bastards & hurtful.


Sounds like your serotonin levels are depleted. Maybe @KinvarasPassion can prescribe you something for that.


Would you consider switching to the whiskey thread?
It’s more cultured and there Isent the stampede to get paraletic drunk and vomit that you get on the drinking pints of porter threads.
There’s a better class of poster in there and we limit it to Friday and Saturday nights.


I’ll definitely consider it. Wouldn’t have ever been a big whiskey drinker but I’ve developed a taste for neat Green Spot in the last year or two.


Grovelling sychophantic shit


Says Smithers :rofl:

There’s a Nembo post you need to rim somewhere, pal. Go fetch!


This would drive a man to drink. (if he wasn’t already there)


‘Dry’ November broken in a bad way in Kellys cellar in Belfast. There are yanks taking pictures of the open fire FFS.

November and January are great drinking months - no fucking amateurs getting in the way.


Too late




I remember sitting in there when the cops tried to clear the place for a bomb scare. No-one passed any remarks. The cops took a chance, peeked into the bag and then left everyone to their Saturday afternoon pints.
I think I crashed a motor the same day.


Some tine all the same. ‘Coimhéad do cheann’

Support the cause.


Rare wee spot. Maddens round tge corner is good.
Probably better to stay where you are though


It’s hopping. The fiddle is lively.


Were you not just giving out about yanks taking a picture of it.

You’ve no shame you cunt


Oh dear


Must be some lad up from.the country. Belfast men can’t play tunes.