The Sobriety Thread


A small one of green spot needs no adornment.


Become an active member of the early risers club has been known to elevate a fellas serotonin. Early to bed and early to rise @Horsebox


“Smithers” :joy: I can’t get that out of my head now when I see an
@The_Selfish_Giant post


Lovely bit of needle there


November is the greatest drinking month of the year - All the wankers are on the ‘dry’ for 4 big weeks.


You’ll be having your few cans of Old Pissy Pants Ned’s red pale hoppy ale at home every evening after walking Brady I suppose, will you.

You’re the fucking wanker, kid.


I only drink whiskey at home bud.


He’s discovered whiskey :joy:


Only on the internet.


Happy to give that the prestigious 10th


:joy: :joy: :joy:


@Horsebox is absolutely flying it this morning


I love the hornets nest that I’ve poked over the past couple of days with this thread. That and the perfectly formed stool I’ve just dispatched into the jacks due to no alcohol being in my system.


They wouldn’t drink fuck all even if they were on it.


You’re an inspiration mate.


I don’t mind the auld fellas who go off it to get the poor lads and lassies from purgatory to heaven.


FFS - a tap in. I’m an easy target on here due to me honesty, openness and confidence.


Purgatory closed years ago due to falling numbers. Drink it while it’s still cheap is the motto.


Two weeks deep into dry November. Treating myself to one of these :yum:


I think you’ve a problem mate