The Sobriety Thread


A very weak individual.


It’s a cry for help


It’s alcohol frei ffs!


That’s the problem. You can’t go a month without the taste.


What do you want, a fucking medal?


Some sort of medal would be nice, yes


An unlocked Locke. Sad days.


Full of vitamin B. Your system will be running like an F1 car such will be the clarity of thought cc @Tassotti


Never signed in but ah fuck it I’m signing out again anyways.


4 months alcohol free this Friday, best decision I ever made


Where are you getting this free alcohol?


It’s lager free alcohol


your clarity of thought and decision making must be unreal?


Monday night, Tuesday night and Wednesday night and tomorrow night.
I’ll be out Friday night.


It’s a game changer, my life has changed in ways I never thought possible - I’m like the character Bradley Cooper plays in Limitless


Where did u get this stuff? Looks tasty,off it for years,but wondering if it tastes like normal lager


Fair play. There’s lads on here who are like the character Bradley Cooper plays in ‘A Star is Born’


About the best tasting non alcoholic beer I’ve had. I was in Germany when that was taken, seemed to be widely available there


Thanks,must seek it out