The TFK Nightwatchman Thread


The lads have some lovely suggestions there about lavender candles. But you know whats wrong yourself dont you really

Nothing is going to fuck with your wiring like burning the candle at both ends over prolonged periods


Studies suggest that you’d get a higher level of prolactin released by getting it pulled for you rather than by you, that said its a wonderful suggestion.


Forum favourite Denis O’Brien once said that following one business failure and before he secured the second mobile phone license by entirely legitimate means, that he would just excercise relentlessly and any sleeping issues went away. He deserves a place in the LFLFSASHG thread.


I am a savage believer in having no electronic devices in the bedroom


The clowns. The fucking clowns did.


Another sleepless night awaits. Tried boring myself to sleep so I read over a thread of @glasagusban comments.


I’m not sure making yourself suicidal is the answer mate


Have you tried a cana-cookie. Indica heavy.


In. Nasty stomach bug after sweeping through the house… It aint good lads.



Just put on a wash of vomit covered Winnie the Pooh sheets and duvet cover. Showered, bed remade and all back to sleep apart from myself. Ninja like.


What time are the parents home ?


Dunno mate but you should be asleep before they get there


Weird that you are thinking of me at three in the morning. Oddball.


Signing in


I’m with you buddy.
Awake since 5:00. Ready for the world now !!
I’ll tax what cars are in south Tipperary today.
( if I was at work I would ).


Awake since 1:30 and working from 6 till 6 today. This afternoon is going to be interesting.


In. Woke 90 mins ago and can’t get back. FML


Im here for you bud

Essentially its the anxiety from thinking you won’t sleep that is spiking your heart rate, causing a self fulfilling prophecy of sorts. Allied to your bizarre decision to begin using a blue light emitting device which disrupts the melatonin flow. Download headspace and listen to an episode or two in total darkness.


6 hours sleep appears to be all I need these days



Fucking Tan cunt telling me to relax, I’m filled with anger and hate now… Where next?