The TFK Nightwatchman Thread


Awake the past hour, more than 6 hours sleep a night is a distant memory. As for 6 hours unbroken, that seems like a bad joke.


Woke at 5 and just got up. Not much point in fighting it these days.


Got up at three and worked for an hour and a half. Back to bed, think I went off at 05:30. So tired now…


I can’t be the only one keeping this thread going…

Small one woke so fed/winded her. That was an hour ago. Can’t get back asleep. Will feel it in the morning


Hiya buddy


Alright chief. You in the same boat?


Nightmares for one, almighty bark and blocked nose on the other. Passing each other in the hallway


Alright mates.


Sleeps for the weak


Hi Guys


Hi mate, another calf?


I’m climbing the walls here. Far too much coffee yesterday


Been trying to convince myself I was going to fall back to sleep for what feels like the last couple of hours - not happening. May as well bite the bullet and have an early start for myself now.


Signing in. Hardly worth going back to sleep now. Might watch the new westworld


Go for a walk down the fields.


Only a townie cunt would go for a walk down the fields.


Useless. We’re on our lunch hour…


Was it good?


The lack of sleep is making you snappy.


Excellent. Shits gotten real. Really shit.