The TFK Nightwatchman Thread


Really shit and really excellent?


Really excellent. Things have gone really shit.


Not. A. Wink. Wide awake here.


Awake a bit earlier than usual myself today.


What time are you normally up, pal? 6am local time?


Howya lads


Bright as midday out there lads. Get up ye cunts.


Around 6:15 CET. It’s bright here at 4am this time of year.


There’s a fine light blue sky over our nation’s capital this morning alright.


It’s about to kick off on the west coast.


It’s a privilege to be out and about at this time of the day. I’ve half a days work done and it’s almost time for lunch. I’m surrounded and entertained by the melodious cacophony of curlew, corncrake, snipe and Norwegian blue. I wish I’d brought an effin shotgun


Signing in. Went for a few for the Spain-Portugal match earlier. Decided on the walk home that I was starving. Ordered a large pizza and chips. Ate the whole lot of it in about 15 mins. Tossing and turning then the whole night with a “food baby” in the gut.

Literally cannot wait for this whopper of a shite to come and put me out of my misery.


Signing in. After roaring out the window at a flock of birds trying to nest in the chimney.



Signing in. Need a piss…
Grand now. Signing out


Not a wink.


You worrying about Walter and Tj finding their mojo?


Gout is an awful thing


I had a lovely dream after and we smashed them up good and proper.


Signing in. Cunt of a summer cold.


In. I was utterly dead to the world, but have to do an airport run. I feel shocking.