The Ultrarunning Thread

Eoin Keith is from Cork, yes. He didn’t come third.

Kerry man Joe O’Leary did.

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Get this free as part of membership. A lovely publication. Joss in the photo above. One for the great sporting names below cc @Fagan_ODowd


Jose Naylor some legend of the sport

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Chairman Charmian.



I thought I’d picked up a basic schoolboy error. :slightly_smiling_face:
It’s looking like lochaber no moore on the cover.

Dya know, any country that can produce this magazine, and The Detectorists cannot be all bad.

Four runners have made it to the fifth loop of Barkley Marathons. Surely get first finisher since 2017 (that was John Kelly who was the first runner to start loop 5 this time as well).

First time four runners ever made it to final loop.

Where are you tracking it?

Twitter. There’ll be no major updates for another five hours or so I’d reckon.

Didn’t realise our Damo was running it. Presume returning with only 5 pages means he’s out?

Oh, I just saw that. He’s gone so. Three left.

Good going for his first time there

Is the lady still there?

No . Jasmin Paris didn’t finish the fourth loop
No woman has ever finished the fourth loop (she’s only the second ever to get that far )

Furthest ever woman apparently. Seems a lovely lady.

The Belgian lad who had that crazy record for backyard ultras is one of the last three (he was the last of the three out)

Look at the scenes back in his home place🤣

Unrale. The last fella made it with six or seven minutes to spare. Think it was his third attempt. Had got close before.

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Weather looked clement.

Best conditions in years apparently. I spoke to Eoin Keith (he did a loop this year and one or two another year) before about it. He said you can go from pretty mild conditions during the day to well below freezing at night. They went to get water he said and it was frozen.

Scenes from Belgium. The latest finish ever with less than 7 minutes to spare. Apparently he had serious hallucinations near the end.