The Ultrarunning Thread


You leave the buggy at the side of the lake / river and use a sling. Simples.


Greek food is unreal. The best I ever had was in this tiny Greek restaurant in Bamberg in Germany. I’m thinking strongly of going on my next proper holiday to Greece.


There was a decent enough Greek restaurant in Steamboat Quay about 10 years ago, there was never a sinner in there. :pensive:
I saw a lovely looking market stall in Blackrock village in Cork last Sunday, think it was Greek and Lebanese grub, have you tried this @ChocolateMice? I assume they’re on the market circuit.

Oh and you’d want your head examined to be running 100 miles or the like, fucking nuts.


Get him posting on here. Would be good competition for @myboyblue


A proper Greek taverna is the job. With plenty of Raki.


Robbins speaks:


Syrian and Afghan food is very good over there too I believe.


It’s easy enough to recover from running imaginary marathons.


Ah here, that’s ridiculous. If you can’t trust a man posting on an anonymous internet forum where can you trust him? Indicates an unhealthy amount of cynicism.@Tassotti running exploits are a tour de force.


I fucking knew it. You did that sub 25 min 5k on the bike, didn’t you??
You cheating prick.


Marathon Des Sables starts on Friday


Will be checking in on this over the weekend. Doesn’t it take 5 or 6 days?


6 days


They say distance running is all in the mind


Best of luck with it mate.


Great news for the board’s ultra runners


deary me

@caoimhaoin we have a poster here that needs to be educated




So if you ran for 4 hours a day you’d never die? Hard to argue with that


@Tassotti is going to live forever.