The Ultrarunning Thread


Sid is in trouble though


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1.Running for an hour is not ultra running
2. Myain issue is not that it will cause a heart attack or is bad gor the heart. For the majority of people its the opposite.
3. My main issue is a muscoskeletal and biomechanical issue where loading too much too quick causes injuries, hatred of exercise and many other issues. Small imjuries lead to bog injuries, poor posture, brittle bones etc which leads to falls when older. Start of slippery slope.
4. Ultra running is on another level, or indeed marathon running. If nothing else they are socially detrimental pursuits.
5 Using a marathon to lose weight is dumb when there are scientifically sounder methods.
6. Its a shit study.
7. Ultra running is just cunts with no imagination just adding challenges by just adding more and more distance. There is no excitemene in it


You are like a modern day Marco polo


I see that Ireland’s top ultrarunner Eoin Keith is hoping to break the Mizen Head to Malin Head running record on April 29th. I think Keith is from Cork, which probably helps explain such oddness. You’d want your head examined to be running the length of the country.

Fair fucks to him all the same. The mad cunt.

Info here by the way:


Luis Enrique is some man for the ultras, you’d never think it, he has completed marathon des sables in the past, that’s proper fucking running so it is


I’ve seen that - he has the physique of a man who could handle an ultra. Not many can


he’s the kind of bloke who could turn his hand to anything I’d say, a bit like myself


last stage of the MDS today, only 7km for charity, some very emotional scenes there yesterday for the end, 4k to enter it next year


Was reading about the ultra in Madeira yesterday, looks spectacular.



Looks like Eoin Keith is gonna smash that Mazin to Milen record:


3 days and 3 hours it took. Unbelievable what the body can do


Does the body rule the mind or does the mind rule the body?
Moz knew the score.


thats proper running


Newstalk right now. Some geezer who’s written a book.


Unrale. Ran 350 miles without stopping before.


This lad:


40 miles cross country in 7.5 hours today lads, it was pure fucking religion for the last 10 miles



Western States coming up soon pal. Plenty of inspiration in that


never again.