The waxing lyrical about the issues with the Mayo Footballing Psyche Thread


Someone who profresses to be an expert but in reality is talking out their hole - ie. you.


Who knows. As mbb said they may not want to be seen to do it. And of course 23 of them did blame the management.

I’m still playing. Thats 33 years of playing football.

Come back to me.


Interesting, i am not on record anywhere, ever, as saying i’m an expert.
I have qualifications, experience and i work in this industry.

What do you do?


you work in professional sports?


I’d find it hard to believe Barry Moran or Tom Parsons votes against a management team that gave them a game. Don’t doubt the selfishness of the modern day player. Fuck it, any player for that matter.


Come back to you? :confused:

You’re jumping into catch all groupings. People are different, they react differently.

Mayo lost an All Ireland semi-final they should really have won thanks to individual errors that should not have happened at that stage of the game. The majority of the panel of players blamed the management for defeat and absolved their own part in it

Tyrone lost an All Ireland semi-final that they had the chances to win and should have won on the balance of play, the majority of the players came out and backed the management team and acknowledged it was individual mistakes that cost him them such as conceding silly frees at crucial stages and passing away gilt edged goal opportunities.

The Mayo players blamed management.

The Tyrone players did not.

Ergo NOT all players blame management.


What about Andy Moran then who spent the majority of his season as a sub?


What about him?


You’re saying certain players voted for them because they were getting a game.

What about the ones who voted for the management team who weren’t?


I did work in professional sport yes.


Fair enough, good points there. I think I’m pre-disposed to disliking Mayo footballers and you’re possibly giving them too much credit. Truth probably somewhere in between.


I’m a supply chain manager, I manage people for a living.

Who do you manage?


Dim witted?


It’s acknowledged in Mayo GAA that they need to reach an All Ireland every year to run a profit. Cutting costs was vital. The old school nature didn’t help either.


Ya, as with most things.


You run a taxi depot?




Ya didn’t think that would work with your racist tendencies.

Anyway i just realised i don’t give a fuck. Whoever you work for, you are stealing from them.


I meet my targets.



You keep clocking in for the man.

What a fucking life.