The waxing lyrical about the issues with the Mayo Footballing Psyche Thread


“The man” pays me handsomely.


Management is not about putting something into people. It is about getting something out of people.

Mayo players need to be more introspective and ask themselves why they have failed to get over the line under different regimes.


That’s some fortune cookie shit right there



“At around 7.20, Pat and Noel arrived into the Executive meeting. Pat spoke for 15 to 20 minutes, giving a detailed account of the year. When he was finished, he handed the letter of resignation, which the [County Board] secretary read out. As Vincent [Neary] read the letter, I could see some of the Executive getting very emotional, and the tears were running down their faces, and you have to ask ‘Why?’ They knew that there was a great mistake being made.



Where’s that from?



Sam is coming home baby


There’s no one like Mayo folk for getting overconfident despite their failings. The sales of apple tart and sides of ham will go through the roof over the next 3 weeks.


I would doubt that you will find many Mayo supporters that would say they will beat Dublin in 3 weeks time.




I understand matters financial were the root of the recent managerial upheaval in Mayo.


I’m all ears, pal.


The two boyos put an end to a source of funding to the players


Go on…


The logistics guy?


Following their appointment, Holmes/Connelly received a message from Dublin-based Noel Howley, who had long been associated with Mayo supporters’ groups and who had also been involved in much of the organisational logistics during the Horan era. He told the new management that he would undertake any job, big or small.

However, they could not come to an agreement and a parting of the ways followed.

A new logistics operation was put in place, which management were entirely happy with right throughout the year.


That’s the jist of it but the article was heavily edited.


These Mayo players are an awful shower of cunts.


Buffon had this to say during the week.

“In my life I haven’t lost much, but the defeats have taught me more than victories. When I lose I focus on the skill of my opponents and my mistakes. The correct way is not to look for excuses.

“I’ve made endless mistakes, and I still make them, but I’m never ashamed to reveal the reason for my mistakes.”

Mayo don’t have Buffons, only buffoons.