The waxing lyrical about the issues with the Mayo Footballing Psyche Thread


Well said. They will never make a breakthrough.


The rest of it is tedious cliche but that line is a belter mate.


I certainly wouldn’t be reading much into an Irish Independent ‘scoop’ with Martin Breheny’s interview of Holmes and Connelly.

Of course Connelly’s brother being chairman of the county board was never discussed


Breakthrough?! Carlow will never make a breakthrough, Mayo are a top 3 side!


John Fogarty in The Examiner looking forbook deals today.

John - grow a fucking backbone and add some balance you dreadful excuse for a journalist.*

*John stalks around here


Tomas O’Se sticking the knife in now.


Wishing the entire Mayo panel a Happy Xmas & a horrid 2017 Championship. #cunts


Former Mayo footballer David Brady has categorically stated that he will lead Mayo to their holy grail one day.

In an in-depth interview with the Western People, Brady has full confidence in his ability to guide the side up the steps of Croke Park on the third Sunday in September.

Brady admitted that he doesn’t know when he will manage his native county, but he’s in no doubt that he will someday.

“I’m getting itchy feet, I will manage Mayo someday, no doubt about it, and I don’t mean in a little capacity. I’m talking winning an All-Ireland with the seniors,” said Brady.

“When? God knows, it need’s 100 per cent commitment. I’d need to find the right balance between work, football, life and the wife, but it will happen.

“And whether we have won an All-Ireland before that, I won’t be leaving until I win one too.”



From someone who has seen this ape as a SELECTOR at first hand, I hope this happens.





Breaffy Gaa is selling monsters.

Would you prefer a ton of coal or an hour with Aidan O’Se?


Tough one.
You’d get more hot air from Aidan O’Shea


A tonne of coal wouldn’t cause as toxic an environment …


How much would you bid at an auction for a 50€ voucher for Pauline Cawley’s Beauty Salon?



We could learn a lot about the Mayo psyche if we get the winning bid for that lot and the repeat lots.



A cuntish article from a cunt about a cunt. If Flynn couldn’t spot a cunt acting a like a cunt, no cunt could.


By the way, whatever about AOS being or not being a cunt, he was fucked there if he did or didn’t take the pictures. Flynn can fuck right off, much like how he did when he ran down the road out of Pedigree Corner the night of the 1991 Leinster Football Final, never to return.


The article is a joke. As @myboyblue indicated you would have half the country calling O’Shea a cunt for not taking photos with the kids. Bernard Flynn must be a complete bollix if this is the best he can come up with but whatever RTE gaa corespondent/ editor bothered to publish this should be fired.


Great article… O’Shea is disgrace.