The waxing lyrical about the issues with the Mayo Footballing Psyche Thread


Enda will spend some time with the Mayo panel this summer. His life skills and experience shared will propel them to AI glory.


Big time Charlie and selfie participant Aidan O’Shea dropped from the Mayo starting 15 for Sunday.


An utter, utter cunt but it’s not really him being dropping.

You can guarantee O’Shea will be in the starting XV when the business gets serious. Mayo should beat Sligocomfortably in second gear.


+1 Its a no brainer.


Bernard Flynn always strikes me as a thick fuck anytime I hear him give his views. And that’s another example of it.

Michael Murphy is just a better footballer than Aidan O’Shea - there’s no shame in that.


Tae mug, fuck off Flynn

Ah Bernard Flynn, I have to say, he made an absolute tit of himself.

I don’t think there is any other way to say it. I don’t know what it is, but the big guy who stands out a bit…maybe it is other people’s insecurity, they feel they have to knock him down to make themselves feel better. It’s bizarre.

The level of flak Aidan O’Shea takes…I was with him for four years. The effort, work, and commitment he puts in to be in the shape he is in, to play football for Mayo, is phenomenal. I remember, we played a game out in Gaelic Park against New York, and I had him captain that day. How he conducted himself, and how he represented the GAA to the community out in New York was absolutely phenomenal. With the young players. A lot of us had togged in, and we were ready to go [home] but Aidan was still out there with those young lads.

Deep down, behind it all, I think Bernard Flynn knows he made a fool of himself. But people need to take stock. Things can run out of control, and I think the Aidan O’Shea thing has. If someone is confident and has something to say, it should be respected, and not be knocked down for being who he is.


Whose words are they, mate?


James Horan, pal.

I only heard over the weekend, that Flynn was basing all of this on a challenge match at a grounds opening by all accounts. Seems an over the top reaction.

I see Flynn took Conor Mortimers head clean off his shoulders when he had a cut off him over it, replying to Mortimer that

“Conor,” he began, “if you had the same balls to say publicly what you said about him to me behind his back in certain media studios you’d be better off.”


Flynn has mugged off O’Shea badly. Horan just comes across as a clown to be honest.


Flynn is an idiot.


Not as big a one as O’Shea.


Oh you’re absolutely wrong there, both may be idiots, but Flynn puts all else in the shade.


I severely doubt Flynn even registers when it comes to O’Shea.


Good on you.


Flynn is another GGA cock that owes the state money after he was a property developer but that Mayo prick is a bigger cock alright


Flynn is a crook. Its yet be be determined if AOS is.


Flynn is a cunt on this matter, a fucking disgrace.

I have it on good authority from a lad that shared a dressing room with AOS that he’s a grand fella, sound as they come, similar to what Horan said.
He’d have have the legs cut off him in here if he had treated those young lads with disrespect


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What developments was Flynn involved with mate? Never realised this myself.


No idea if he was or wasn’t mate