The waxing lyrical about the issues with the Mayo Footballing Psyche Thread


De fucking delighted.


A great bunch of lads that Mayo people can be very proud of.


Absolutely. Disappointed that they finally succumbed to that shower. Without a doubt one of the greatest teams ever not to won an AI.


What a year. Staggered by Limerick in hurling and knocked out by Mayo in football.

I’m sniggering away at you and the Rimmer here.

Sniggering and laughing at Tipperary and their redneck glasshouse ‘supporters’!


De fucking lighted. :wink:


A great bunch of lads


Garth Brooks :joy:


Beautifully apt lyrics. May they sail their vessel til the river runs dry.


His best performance all year the useless vain wanker.


If only he could put a performance in a big game in.


Brolly had them figured out. Celebrity losers.


A great bunch of lads


Absolute alright sorts


I know :grin: :laughing:

there was a ‘serious’ sing song in play at the afters of a wedding recently then this cunt declares he wants to sing and he launches in to Gareth Brooks - The River, lads started falling around laughing… A fucking abomination of a song.

I quickly followed up with ‘ag criost an siol’ as things had got out of hand.


Sean O Riada’s music is wonderful .


Christ, is there nothing worse than a ‘serious’ singsong? Cunts screaming out for ciúnas, ciúnas!!!

Off to the smoking area when that starts up.


Thinly veiled “I don’t have a note in my head” post there from MBB,


I’m the greatest singer in the world, mate.


What’s your go to tune in a singsong?


I’ve grown fond of Song for Ireland of late. If it’s a bit more craic, I’ll take down the Catechism.

I’ve been told I sing both ‘lovely’. I’ve brought a tear to many an eye in fact. It’s like the voice of an angel.