The Weather Thread part 2


A dirty day


The aul sideways rain is the worst type of rain by far.


One of those days you look out the window, go “fuck that”, and throw on de telly.


A day for the high shtool or the bed, as we say in didsbury.


Bit blustery night lads


Wet & Wild out there.
Sideways rain is a pure cunt.


Great day to run off a hangover, couldn’t even hear the music in my ears much of the time


Day for the fire.


It has been coming down non stop in Cork since Thursday night… I’ve a pain in my hole from drying off Brady only to be back out in it a few hours later… The walking part I don’t mind… There’s something therapeutic about being out in the lashings of rains once you get over the first few minutes.


It’s been a grand day on the estuary so far. No sign of the apocalyptic rain that was being forecast.


You’re a great parent👏


water being sprayed over the concrete median on the M11 by cars traveling on other side of the road.

Have not seen that before


I love the rain. It washes memories off the sidewalk of life.


We had about an hour’s reprieve but the wind has picked up something wicked in the last few minutes.


After a lull for a few hours the wind has picked again in a big way.


I drove to the gym earlier and that’ll be my only excursion outside today. A stew on in the slow cooker since half 10, there’s a lovely Duoro and a Malbec there that will be sampled later and the sitting room is cosy as fuck. I’ll check in with the world again tomorrow.


Sounds lovely. I’m off to Cobh to see a Carol service, with the in law nephews and nieces… Will get some grunge in the Elm Tree first.


Your headed to the Coast :fearful:


I know, pal. I’ll only be having the 5 whiskeys and I’ll be driving slow.


Watch out for those Priests.