The Weather Thread part 2


I was sceptical of them for a long while but they are the bidness.


The midges had the head ate off me yesterday. I blame global warming and ‘Dax: Short and Neat’ in equal measure.


They stink though mate.


Is there no weather warning being broadcast? As bad a morning as I’ve woken to in a long time


Ti’s windy here in Galway but no rain yet. Where you at it Shtone?


Bedded down in my relations house In South Offaly. A right driving wind and rain


A yellow warning in place.


Horrific wind/rain all night. Wind was howling at 6.30 when I was on the road and the rain beating down side ways…


I’ve had the hinges blown off a side gate here. I’ll have to get a man in to fix that.


Looking forward to the thread already


Surely the gate blew off the hinges? Make sure you get the vernacular right when telling your man what happened or you’ll be gouged



Good one mate


Jaysus that was a tough cycle in this morning.


@chocolatemice just spotted a niche in the burglary market - robbing houses of early risers faction who are up and gone before 7am. Means he can get out and have a days work robbed and be back in the scratcher or the dole queue with a perfect alibi, as if anyone would believe he’d be up before 7am.


Not the gate is intact and still in place. The hinges are clean gone though.


Tree down, saw this happen


It’s very windy in Limerick. I reckon it’s touch and go for the electricity stay on all day.


Job here for @gilgamboa and the chainsaw


Tis fairly wild out there


Aye begor