The Weather Thread part 2



That’s one for the “people who look slow” thread.


Is there meant to be an auld storm tonight lads?


Stormy Rain I think.


That ‘sideways rain’ gag didn’t get the recognition it deserved. Go on and have a third go at it.


Stay safe guys


Fucking hell


Deirdre ain’t got shit on what’s going on outside.


That’s as bad as I’ve heard


Oh the weather outside is frightful.


Fucking septic, as bad as I can recall a night.

Roof tiles getting an awful rattling


Serious wind… It kept setting off some neighbours alarm… Fucking cunts. It woke me 5 times, I’m in an awful way here now with very little sleep.


Sure you have five more hours before you usually get up on a Tuesday.


No mate, I dont. Stop fuck acting about I’m warning you.


Please log into the early riders thread mate


I’ve put that boring Bastard of a thread on ignore long ago.


Some craic on the N11 this morning. Surface water everywhere being sprayed onto the other sides of the motorway. It’ll be carnage in an hour’s time


how did that go CM?
always a great southerly wind coming in from the Atlantic there by the Catherderal
they are in the proces of reinstalliing the pipe organ i believe after a service in Italy
Elm Tree is a grand spot in Glounthaune as there are no restaurants at all on the Island - Waters Edge maybe ok but more of a bar food option really


The Carol thing isnt my cuppa but it kept herself happy so it’s all good… over 700 in attendance @10euro a pop and selling calendars on the door etc… all for the restoration of the Organ. Fine Cathedral — didnt hang around the town afterwards