The Weather Thread part 2


Drive home up the M1 from Sydney this evening. First the rain, the worst I’ve seen in 15 years doing this. Then the bangs. Like the car was under fire. Which it was, from golfball size hailstones.
Shitloads of cars pulled over to the side of the freeway to take cover even though there wasn’t any and the rain / hail driving in sideways.
I ploughed on, visibility terrible, huge noise, very very scary tbh. I was shitting myself the windscreen would come in ( a few cars I passed had broken windscreens). Eventually I got out if the storm and I’m driving in bright sunshine.
Sydney’s been hit badly by it this evening. The storm eventually followed me home, the sky blackened, the rain and hail came down, the solar Christmas lights came on as it darkened. Half an hour later bright sunshine and the lights go off.
Dents all over the roof and bonnet of the car, insurance claim tomorrow but I coyls be waiting minths until it can be seen to. A joyful day for the panel beating fraternity of Sydney.
Cc @Chucks_Nwoko


Another apocalyptic day in the harbour city. I’ve had a couple mates who have had windscreens smashed. Like, imagine getting one of those on the lug. That’s a bad beat on the car. Does fully comp cover hail damage?
It was darkish for me driving home and then that surreal brightness prevailed around 7.30pm in the midst of another downpour.


Yeah the damage is covered but it will take a while to get it done.
I’d just had it fucking serviced and washed as well.


I’m just glad you’re okay, @Fitzy.


Stay safe @Fitzy


Ignorance is a man’s strength.


Me too. I’ve said a few Hail Mary’s for him.


I dont know how you do it lads.


Thanks mate. As you know, these are the kind of effects we’re going to have to get used to with climate change.


There’s a quare stretch in the evenings


Tis fierce mild out there for this time of year. You’d be cutting timber in a t-shirt.


Are you in a 25 degree heat?


I don’t think I posted about it but yes I am


Plenty of sun cream on the snout pal.


Rudolph the red nosed reindeer…


Happy New Year kid.


And the same to you me oul pal. We’ll have that pint the night before the Wexford Limerick All Ireland


Please God.