The Weather Thread part 2


I see we’ve some of the usual suspects driven demented. It’s getting easier every year.


Fuck em


Driven demented?

Scorn and laughter mate


Yes, your scorn is our laughter


Looks like it’s going to be cold, hardy and dry for the next week or so.


You can’t beat cold and dry in January. Nice walk and back to sit in front of a fire.


Thank fuck … nearly a month of wet conditions was driving me mad.


Time to clean up the garden.


Time to let Brady shit in other people’s garden…


I’m going to go for a nice long walk tomorrow afternoon then retire to a pub for a few pints in the evening, have a bit of grub and a few pints with half an eye on the rugby. I can’t fucking wait for it. I bought a new scarf for the walk and everything.


Drinking again … Jesus H Christ.


There’s a big difference between supping a few pints with a group of pals over some food and getting shitfaced at home on your own 5 nights a week, kid.


I’m not alone, i’m with Brady




Sounds lovely pal. I may do the same without the rugby. Who is playing?


My beloved Connacht are playing my beloved Munster tomorrow evening, pal.


a lot of lads on here sit at home on their own drinking whiskey or beer most nights of the week


Other lads go to New York on their own to do it.


Beautiful. Everyone’s a winner. Few pints, bit of food, good company, an open fire.



It’s not healthy but there’s no talking to some of them.