The Weather Thread part 2


Grand stretch there lads
Bright at half 4


Great to see it, might cut the lawn tomorrow.


I’m also doing this… is your walk an organised affair?


ad hoc I imagine.


You can bate your wife and bate your dog but you cant bate the stretch in the evenings.

I haven’t heard too many lawnmowers yet @carryharry. There is some small growth there allright. More weeds then grass unfortunately


I’ll only give it a light trim now, the harsh weather wouldn’t suit taking a decent skelp off it.


Well organised as in myself and a few friends organised it, bro.




Only a bit of drizzle here and there and the temperature barely gone below 6 degrees, I’d say the grass hasn’t stopped growing yet this winter. The cattle are full of divilment. That’ll probably be the next farming crisis actually, the divilment crisis of '19.


With the water table so low with the consistently mild weather we’re really wide open for a spectacular drought in the coming summer if we get through the next couple of months without much heavy rain and if we get a similar summer to last.


We need to back to disposable coffee cups asap!


Where is that info available?
I can’t believe the water table is low. Not here in Limerick anyway.


Yep I sure agree with that. We haven’t had proper rain in 8 years.


My weather forecaster informs me we will be hit with an artic blast starting Friday week and set to last 10 to 12 days. Temperatures won’t go above zero and there’ll be lots of snow.


Is it expensive keeping a weather forecaster?


What about the weather though? :grinning:


The mildness has officially been upgraded to “fierce”


It was touch and go there for a minute.


Looks like 10-12 weeks now.


Mildest winter that I can remember lads, like Spring out there today.

cc @Jonsnow