The Weather Thread part 2


Lovely here in Lahinch. Storm my arse.


It was like that all day til about 5 mins ago. It’s like a bad night in Scooby Doo out there now.


Is most of the country not just under a yellow warning for this? Is there even any point to a yellow warning? “Put on a coat, it might be a bit fresh outside.”


It’s a-coming;


Fuck !
Better upgrade it to RED soon. Well, before 9:00pm anyway, I won’t go for pints after 9:00pm the night is gone then.




You are some man to get around the place.
Enjoy your trip to lahinch it’s a town I visit annually and It actually has the only golf course I’d bother with nowadays.


I don’t hang around messing, I could be in New York or Istanbul or anywhere on Saturday, its just the way I am


Just back from training there small bit of a breeze but nothing out of the ordinary


Damian Tiernan would remind you of that ape on the American weather channel a few weeks ago, he done up in more layers than an onion, talking about 40 foot feet waves and the boyos behind him in t shirts.


Gusting nicely out there now.





Is Cork ever not flooded?


Only when it’s in drought


Built on a marsh sure. Venice of the north, boi.



Nailed it again.


You are some man to call a storm.


A beautiful crisp morning out there today. Almost winterish.


Torrential rains here on the mainland