The Weather Thread part 2


Looking forward to getting out for a few hours. Yesterday was an ordeal, especially with all the internet dried up. Was out in Liffey Valley and it was like that episode of South Park.


Absolutely RAW out there today.


Tis bitter


Coming back from a week in the Canaries this evening. Going to be a fierce shock to the system.


Twas nice knowing you.


Ah so long as Ireland has weather, and there is a thread here for banal comments about weather and @TreatyStones’ meteorological services, i’ll keep popping in brah.


The Gaelic grounds will be like Antarctica tonight :eyes:


Spent from 09:30am until 17:15 on the sidelines today. Got the skins on while traveling from one pitch to another, I’m still fucking numb. @carryharry is Cappewhite inside the Artic circle ?
On an unrelated note, when I saw the signpost for Doon I think I got my first ever panic attack.


Cold cunt of a field.


Some cutting breeze there this morning. No shelter from any of the 4 sides.


It is absolutely glorious today in the capital, glorious. By god, I love this weather.


1st of November and the windscreen is frozen on the car :neutral_face:


20 degrees here.


It’s a grand chill though. No breeze just a bit of bite in it


Yesterday afternoon (4 November) I picked raspberries in the garden. I’ve never known anything like it. It’s at least 5 weeks ago later than I’ve ever picked them before.


5 weeks ago later?


5 weeks is a fair length of time to be forgetting to do something.


No washps ye see?


A family of fruit flies seems to have moved into my kitchen over the weekend. Flies in November. This is a new world.


Put a jar of apple cider vinegar on the counter and the cunts will fly into it and they’ll all drown with a couple of days.