🌬 The Weather Thread part 2

We’re going to have a belter of a first half of the summer. Late May, June and most of July will be savage before getting more unsettled in August

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One buck said to me today, the moon will see a change alright but it could get worse :joy:

Carlow Weather, who lost all credibility when he confidently announced that last year’s Dublin Marathon would be rain free, is talking about a big storm hitting Ireland on Saturday. What’s your feeling about the potential storm?

Am I right in thinking the South has really got it a lot worse than the West rainfall wise. Unusually so.

North & West whilst getting rain, there doesn’t seem to be as much damage to ground & fodder shortages.

Saturday into Sunday……

Mate it’s a bit insulting to talk about my “feeling”. I only use quantitative not qualitative data. The models are telling me that it’s current track we could be in for a very windy but not overly wet Saturday. The exact timings will depend where you are in the country.


Us grassroots association soccer fans travelling up to the Showgrounds (Sligo) are keeping a close eye on the meteorological reports.

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Please do not mow your lawn until June at the earliest

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For mother nature

That’s because they’re talking out of their holes.

You are so gender determinative

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Got the grass cut again just before the rain came. :clap::clap:

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He’s in Killester and well you know it.

Opportune thread bump.

@TreatyStones: Will Raheny Ogra at 10am tomorrow be cancelled & will the BHAA 4-mile race in St Anne’s Park at 11am go ahead?

Indeed. I thought our games would be cancelled tomorrow morning but it seems like my young lad might be taking on @Rocko’s young lad in a local derby

It’s fucking miserable here… Pissing rain all evening and strong winds.


Twas a grand day in Dublin today and a lovely sunny afternoon forecast for tomorrow after a wet start in the morning.

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Both should be cancelled. Dublin will be getting the worst of it around then. Even if that race went ahead I wouldnt be bothered running it in those conditions.

I believe we are due 3 weeks of good weather(relatively speaking) from next Thursday on. Cc @Carlowweather