The Weather Thread part 2


I’ll do that today. Cunts are fair annoying.


It’s well know that flies are attracted to shit — your house must be a kip… Out boozing all weekend and then living off take aways for most of the week – you fucking disgust me.


Fruit flies are attracted to fruit you stupid cunt


There’s obviously fruit in his shit… fair play to him, still getting some of his 5 a day in while boozing and eating spice bags.


You’ve absolutely destroyed him there.


Get a cup. Cut a slice or two of apple/fruit of your choice. Place in Cup with a little apple or orange juice.

Put cling film over cup. Using a fork poke a couple of holes in cling film as one would a ready made microwave dinner.

Your very own Horsebox fly trap. They will all fly in there like moths to a flame.

You can release them humanely into your brown bin or drown them.




made shit of him even


its fucking McGuyver. :slight_smile:




I have a fool proof cure for itchy insect bites which requires no thumb insertion.



That’s class




Not long in from walking Brady… Tis a dirty, dirty night out there.


Pissing rain here in Cork


get to high ground lad


It’s bad.


cork always is


Could be an interesting drive home to Drom if this holds up :disappointed_relieved: