The Weather Thread part 2


The most of the rain will have moved on by 2 or 3.


I’ll be making the trip in about an hour


Ok, it will be tough going so




1 like = 1 prayer for @Copper_pipe


I just cancelled my plans to go up to Limerick tonight…


Nobody cares…


Brady wont get much of a walk - Stay safe bro.


Up in the capital today. It’s threatening all morning but no real downpour here yet. Had been hoping to get a 5k run/jog/walk in after all the rain had fallen, but it’s like it is waiting for me to head out the door.


Is Brady afraid of a bit of rain?


5 prayers saw me home safely to Drom. :smirk:




I like to think we all played our part. Glad to hear you are safe, brah.


I’m going to NCW now to get the hair cut. I’ll prob need another 5 for that :rofl::rofl:


You’ll need at least 10 if the barber turns out to be a woman. Hopefully you have emailed them first to make an appointment. Either way, make sure to log your findings in the appropriate thread. :+1:


It’s raining cats and dogs in the home of the All Ireland hurling champions.


Thankfully that has passed off up the country - The sun is shining brightly on the south side of Cork City.


Will you get up off your arse to walk poor Brady so?


I will when I get home but after the gym.


Tis wild out there.