The Weather Thread part 2


A day for the ducks.


Are they giving heavy rain again tomorrow lads?


Bands of showery weather moreso


Everywhere? What’s the forecast like for Limerick in the morning?


Grim, as usual


Clap of thunder just there in Dunmore




There is a reason they win world wars


Cc @TreatyStones can you comment on this
Is it scaremongering or do we need to provision and prepareto hunker down. Might be useful to post what essentials a survival kit might contain


There is actually a decent potential of a reasonably significant freeze event in the next couple of weeks. You’d be looking towards next weekend and onwards. Still a long way out and all could easily change, but I’ll keep you posted.


@TreatyStones source agrees.


The weather charts are the weather charts.
The fact the weather gurus on Boards agree with my analysis is not surprising.


Your servers must be running hot with processing all that weather data. Keep an eye on them


Don’t worry, they’ll be cooled down soon enough.


That 1060 hPa over Greenland is very concerning


Cold weather expected at the end of November. What a surprise.


I’d be delighted with a few weeks of it. The hippies with Air to water heating systems will have to pay a fortune for their ‘free’ heat.


Pure shite.


Monsoon season in Dublin.


The de-icer spray I purchased a while back got its first use this morning.

Would recommend.