The Weather Thread


Tuesday or Wednesday night last week two shetland ponies came up the Pallas road at Hegartys Cross, came onto the N69 and headed towards Kilcornan, a few cars had tried to pin them in but they bolted back the road again towards Kildimo and an on coming car ploughed into them.


Never heard that.Whoever owns them will be in serious bother


Only if they are chipped.

I crashed into a pony years back with a new car and had no comeback. Lucky that it cost me 1400e and none of the 4 people in the car were hurt.
Guards knew the owner and where it escaped from but no proof.


Same thing happened my neighbour,never got a penny out of it


Happened my father and mother years ago, driving back from Clonmel at night a horse jumped up on the bonnet of the fathers Renault 18 and put its hoof clean through the roof between the father and the mother. The car was some sight after it.


You can guess the owner profile.

There is liability on the person from whose care the animal escapes but difficult to prove outside of tagged animals. The guards called a vet and carefully informed me that they were calling the vet and it was not me who called him as I could have had to pay the bill! The vet wanded the pony for an electronic tag but none present.

Motor insurance bureau wont cover an accident with animals.


just got new tyres on the wife’s car in Johnstown,
its brutally cold up here


A young lad from Pallas hit them.One of em wrecked the passenger side of the vehicle,luckily he had no one with him.


Were they Shetland ponies?
If so it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out who owned them.


Ya have to look after her…the roads around Kilcloon weren’t great yesterday morning.

Did you warm yourself up by Shaws fire yesterday?


wtf has happened you mate? a full on Muldoon now





Fair windy out now.


Few lightning flashes too


Extremely loud thunder here on SCR.


Nice clap of thunder just now


As loud a roar of thunder as I’ve ever heard in Ireland, still going on. I arrived back to my car in Lidl to find some cunt had parked too close for me to get in the drivers side, had just put the kid in when the lightning flashed and then the thunder, had to climb in over the passenger seat and I did it fair quick


Three claps of it out here in the county and then seems to have moved on. Fairly breezy out alright.


Lightning & Thunder in Mid Tipperary most of the afternoon.
A shower of hail stones & sleet saw crashes on the M8 motorway between Horse & Jockey and Cahir exits.

Fucking Baltic breeze about too.