The Weather Thread


The air temperature reading in the car is higher than at the weekend but jaysus it feels a helluva lot colder.


Agreed, breeze would fucking cut ya in half. My feet are still frozen from being out in it earlier.


I was just out driving on country roads there. A big bolt of lightning hit and illuminated the road a short distance in front of me as I was in motion. If I was running five seconds faster I was surely minced meat.


I think you would be ok if lightning struck a car

Edit; a flat tire would be the damage


If it ever does happen could you pick up a sports almanac for me please?


Ah lovely :clap:
That is surely Poty material.


Real winters day today.


Great stretch in the evening lads


It’s the shortest day of the year mate. Should have held that one till tomorrow.


Christ this time last week my balls were like brass. Now I’m wearing a short sleeve shirt going to work.
What the fuck like?



You’re wearing a short sleeved shirt in work? What the fuck like?




Grand stretch in the evening. CC @Tassotti


You could have stopped there. Short sleeved shirts are an abomination regardless of when worn


I was driving in the coast road there earlier. There was a heavy mist. It started to lift and the light started to come in from the East. The street lights on James Larkin road started going out one by one and the bottom of the twin chimneys at Poolbeg began to come into view. The Oscar Wilde ferry emerged out of the gloom. I got a real sense of being over the worst of the winter.


you painted a lovely picture there


Stunningly evocative.


It reminded me of that ESB ad


I always feel that we get the worst of the winter, weather wise, in the the New Year/post christmas as opposed to the months preceding it