The Weather Thread


The one where the fella drove a JCB into the power lines?


I agree. March can be a terrible month for wild weather conditions.


in like a lion out like a lamb


We’ve been through this one before. The shortest day isn’t the earliest sunset. @Tassotti is of course correct, the evenings have been stretching out now for a couple of weeks.


That’s @Fagan_ODowd back on the antidepressants for another month.


I lol’d at that.


great stretch in it there this evening lads


I really noticed it in the Capital.


So did I here in the capital, it was still fairly bright at 5 past four


Try telling this lad.


According to fotf Dutch weatherman’s wife last night, today had 3 seconds more daylight than yesterday


You could tell


Jaysus lads it’s fierce mild,I walked to the pub earlier and the sweat was pumping outa me.Very un Christmas like.


How are you there @Fitzy? 33c and rising in the east. The sea breeze making it bearable. I’d love a good burst of rain.


41 here now. Just been out to get the booze order done and to purchase a few bags of ice for the eskys we’re storing the booze on as there’s no the fridge.
Cool change comi ng through later, hopefully. I’m looking forward to watching the sprinkler water the front lawn as I start drinking from the veranda, the odd neighbour coming over for a quick one and a feeling of general bonhomie, or drunkeness as we call it in Bunclody, coming over me.


The heavens have well and truly opened here. Great weather for ducks. Will hopefully be back to low 20s tomorrow.


Lousy Smarch weather


Are you at the in laws?


that’s what the car is for


Yeah. Tomorrow AND Stephen’s Day. She spent 2 weeks in Monaghan last year so what goes around…