The Weather Thread


It’s not that bad is it? Your mother in law foustering around after you?
My mother in law is so old I she doesn’t do any of the @smark like mother stuff any more, but god love her, she deserves a bit of appreciation.
You should all appreciate your mothers at this time of the year lads. It’s a sensitive time for those of us who have lost their mothers and indeed fathers.


Sorry for putting a dampener of things there lads, drink on.


throw up yer man cahill’s turning of the year post there for old time sake id say puke, january can be a hoor allright
i found last week savage dark, 20 dec tuesdayi think was unreal altogether, it never got bright at all just a dullness all day
november can be a right dark affair altogether
regarding just downright bad weather, the snows of 09/10 aside i would say yes january is bad, feburary is usually decent for frost and snow but staying bright up till half 5 even 6 takes the edge off

happy christmas BTW


‘Tis fucking wild out.


Cunt of a sun out, had to close the blinds while ateing the Christmas dinner


Blinds in the Caravan? UK reg on it I suppose.


Harry, you are a bit of a patronising old cunt


There’s a fierce amount of water on the roads. Absolutely miserable out.


Frost forecast too.


What class of a cunt is traversing roads at this time of a Christmas night…
Howya Pa…


In fairness plenty of folk based at the parents for the day, got the dinner etc and heading away around this time.


I appreciate that dodgy but my inference was aimed elsewhere.


Was out visiting relations. Safely ensconced back at the homestead again. Roads mostly deserted though I noted all the Applegreens were open for business earlier.


The cold/wet spell didn’t spoil Barbies poolside party


Topless pool side party, with some other slag thrown down on the ground coked off her face


All laid out beside a pink caravan. Rathkeale is hopping with pool parties at this time of year.


Kick her in the fanny baaarrrrbyeeee


Face down is the only way to end a Christmas Day.


Strange weather in Galway today. It’s freezing but the air is so dank and moist that an exhalation of breath is completely invisible.


Grand oul stretch in the evenings now. Nearly 5pm and still a bright / twilight sky