The Weather Thread


Fucking freezing here. Pitch dark. Snow on the hills.


Raw here as well. Perishing.


It really gets into you. That 12 degree heatwave lulled us.


Perfect winter’s day in Dublin today. Got pretty raw after the sun went down though


Council are gritting the roads in West Limerick (Between Drom and NCW anyway)


Roads without salting will be very dodgy tomorrow morning.


Apparently M7 was lethal around Moneygal this evening


Water run off on these Motorways are fucking abysmal. Any standing left on roads will be black ice by midnight never mind dawn time.


Be the Jayses


Did you buy a licence Mike? :nerd_face:




I’d say it’s Baltic in Kilkenny


Fairly cold alright Fagan. I’m going for a stroll down for the paper now


No doubt wearing your black and amber scarf and mittens to keep you cosy.




Just started snowing there lads. Big auld chunky flakes and all.


Bit of snow here in mid mid west limerick


If it had snowed this morning it would have stayed. Rare enough for the north of west limerick to get snow


Cold sting in it today


3 or 4 inches sitting outside my place this morning only beginning to thaw now