The Weather Thread


-10 here, -15 overnight.


Where’s that Tim?


Saw some snapchats from North Cork, serious covering of snow there


I drove from Mahon point to Killarney an hour ago. All grand bar the co boundary, about 2” of snow for a few kms. Nice dry crisp evening here.




I can confirm a decent snowfall here this morning alright. Led to a heavy dusting rather than anything causing serious damage


Fair wind gathering strength here now.


Niagara falls


Be a horrible spin for your back, best to use the Motorway as opposed to going via Roscrea.


left at newfoundland, up through Greenland, over the North Pole, right in Lapland, then malmo-> Ostend-> rosslare-> new ross-> thomastown-> kkc
handiest route imo


There’s a fairly bad storm going to cross the country in the next 5/6 hours.
Dublin going to get a fair rattle.

Be prepared. Go home now.


I don’t give a fuck if Dublin is ripped to pieces as long as it avoids the Monmouthshire region of Wales to be quite honest



That’s a vomit inducing likebait post if ever I read one.


It seems we have a very different view on what a vomit inducing likebait post is mate


I think I’m not alone when I say we all feel that a chara


Where would a lad get a bit of shelter in the swamp mate?


the yacht club, the cricket club , the tennis club or the rugby club


Plenty of debris on the roads in Mid-East East Limerick. Stay safe guys.


RNLI on speed dial


Parts of coastal Galway getting a serious doing from high tide and high winds