The Weather Thread



Thats mad. Be some clean up there.


Galway is fucked


O’Callaghan Strand flooded in Limerick.


O’Callaghan Stranded.


Why do people keep parking their cars on Salthill prom when there is a storm forecast ?




Met eireann made a balls of this one.


How so?


MÉ Warning fatigue and a less predictable system than something like Ophelia seems to have caught a lot of people out. Feels like there have been continuous Status Yellows/Oranges since November for one thing or another, so without da meeeja to whip us up into a frenzy it’s hardly a surprise. Funny enough I was woken by a short blast of strong winds this morning around 6.30am and looked up the forecast then, so I was aware there’d be something coming. Even still it seems worse than they were expecting.


Seems to have caught the councils by surprise as well although they probably aren’t back yet to be fair to them


You joking? That’s the cleanest Galway will have been for years.


It’s not like duberlin getting flooded, which would be largely raw sewage.


Did the floods make it up to neachtains? If it did I’d be worried. There’s crusties in there that would die if they saw fresh water.


It didn’t. The water stayed clean.



Tis quare bad in Boston guys




47 degrees today