The Weather Thread


There’ll be a few responses to my pride in their community question about cutbacks and the like, and nothing for the kids to do. Fuck off, I grew up in the back arse of Wexford with absolutely nothing to do in the evenings but I didn’t go around burning down hay sheds to amuse myself.

There’s a small number of people in this country who truely deserve help, then there’s a fucking huge number who sponge off welfare and pass up the opportunities like free education available in this country.



Some men just want to watch the world burn


Je suis the tallaght eight





Paul Murphy is biting on Twitter :rofl:


Throw it up there


No need just the usual shite.These people don’t represent the community blah blah blah


I wonder will the Guards try and frame the water protestors for this?


People on here have


I think he’s another one of the bitter posters to be honest mate.


I’m reliably informed that there are a few common denominators




They Do Not Give One Fuck bt




Obviously Connors is missing an irony detector. If the cunt hadnt gotten on his high horse people wouldn’t have gotten on theirs



Did you actually type that in to your search engine, hope your missus doesn’t check your phone… :eyes: