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They won’t need to be framed this time if that’s the case.


I think it was…Limerick…woman…dog…dead…sex. Sure it was up like flash!


No fear that these pricks would demolish the social welfare office.


They wanted €1 to read that article, I’d need €100 just to listen to that been told again. Sickening story.




Fuck it. Back from the pub just now and it looks like after missing a great nights internetting.

Some amount of scum out there - white, black, urban, rural, upper class, lower class. Those JCB cunts - they aren’t human. They offer nothing to society. Hope the Guards beat seven shades of shite out of them and no do gooder films it so that vile boot Coppinger is moaning in the Dail next week.

I - like most TFK posters - live on a different planet to these cunts.

The auld lad rang me tonight.

“We’ll go for a pint.”

Me - “have you looked outside?!”

DK Snr - “yeah, it’s the best night of the year to go out ffs.”

Me - “why?”

DK Snr - “I won’t have to make small talk to half the cunts as on a normal Friday night!” :smile:


Summary, you’d rather talk to strangers on the internet than go pinting with your auld lad



I’m not going to argue with you.


Haven’t even seen a video yet but I can guess. These (the 2 you refer to )lads are most likely 3rd generation single parent. They’ve surely reached saturation point. Eventually society will get these cunts.
Through work I encounter bottom feeders like this day in and day out. They strut around in their white trackies from age 10 to about 25.cock a whoop, Kings of their fish pond They then realise that it’s over, that’s it, that’s their lot, Natalie had turned into a bullfrog, little Dylan is a prick, just like dad. Tough man name doesn’t mean anything anymore.
The guys like me that they laugh at, but secretly admire have it sorted. Proper retirement and kids with better cars while in college than they can even hope to drive if they gave a decade off the booze.
God will kill these cunts yet.


I slept very badly last night thinking about this thing in Dublin, its the two apes with the phones that really have me going, laughing like thick cunts. Imagine if they hit a toddler, driving around in a fucking stolen dumper, with a bottle of vodka in their hands, and this gobshite standing there videoing it and laughing, what is the world coming to?


they should be shot dead


Leave the thread title alone ye cunts. I’m confused enough as it is


who is the local TD for that area?


Take your pick chief but I’m sure one name will jump out at you


Who the fuck is doing it? It’s very very weird


Don’t know. You may have a stalker


That’s the way things are gone these days.




We got another heavy enough snow shower after 11pm last nt. All footprints wheelmarks etc from yday completley filled in