The Weather Thread


Any lad with a 4x4 would make a fortune in our estate. Not a hope in hell of getting a car out.
Supplies running low. No spuds left in the house and I need fresh veg for my leg of lamb tomorrow.
Local SV has literally fuck all left. This coupled together with cabin fever leadsd me to believe that some stupid cunt in our estate will do something stupid.


The thaw is in in South West London


And again, mad stuff, I’ve ruled out the main suspect.


Bad stuff happens everywhere.


a few Nigerian mothers getting all hot and bothererd on the tallaght residents facebook pages after a few locals had the gumption to call it as they saw it


status of 0945

  • supervalu is open
  • boylesports 12pm
    -there is a slight thaw dug out around the laguna there- but there is average 1 ft snow between the exit of our community and the road
  • its raining now
  • meath coco were up and down the roads i believe
  • in back garden there is 2 /3 ft snow sitting happily
  • flat calm out there so Emma has departed
  • cold Beast like air is still lingering, tonights frost will be epic - tomorrow AM will be carnage


does anybody know if the organic supermarket in malahide is open today

down to my last scoop of matcha


Bit of life around today. I’m down in the cafew having a greasy sandwich. Spuds and fresh veg due in to SV at 10


Saw them ploughing yesterday and spotted them this morning when out on my morning stroll.


Will the guards be there to manage the queue?


Fire up a few screenshots thereally lad.


The Icy Unit in Crumlin. Still plenty of good people left!


No. That’s why I’m in a hymac


And it’s back :wave:


a few inches of snow and the country goes into shutdown (with the pubs full of course) and oirish society completely breaks down with looting and robbing, it really is something else



I wouldn’t bother, why people have continued to feed this troll for over ten years is truly remarkable, I’m guilty myself but it’s weird


I know, a moment of weakness.


Right I am officially over snow. @TreatyStones when will all this shit be over? Monday?


The snow is over and it’ll thaw away today, bit of rain tonight should help clear a lot of it.