The Weather Thread


It’s been a top top week for you


BREAKING: snowing last 30 mins in Meath - we have called off the community shovelling of the road for now


Sometimes you’ve got to step up and take control of a rapidly developing situation. Everybody survived safe and well except @Robert_Emmet but that cunt mocked the warnings I was providing so you could say he got what he deserved.


Said I’d try and take the car out this morning. Stuck in the middle of the estate now. Will have to wait for the thaw to set in.
On the plus side, I was revving her goodo outside a cunts house which hasn’t got out of the bed in ten years and he peaking out his bedroom window with the big sleepy head on the cunt at 11am


One of TFK’s gentlemen but he’s no mystic meg or even Michael Fish!


Or @ChocolateMice




Our reputation on the mainland took a knock last night but this feel good story out of Cork (where else) will go a long way to restoring it.


I obviously don’t have a 4x4


I reckon you were always odds on to be the stupid cunt to do something stupid tho! :wink:


Didn’t do any damage chief. Truth be told it was cabin fever.


Tell me about it. There is still a metre or more of snow drifts out in front here. Haven’t a hope of getting car out for a long time. Neighbour got as far as half way out his drive and bogged it. Although bogged isn’t the right word with snow I suppose. His car is stuck buried in a hape of snow so he may wait for a thaw before it will budge.


I have to hand it to you, I despise you and everything you stand for but you’ve played a blinder here.




Fucking issue now is thawing the snow off my roof slowly enough for it not to slip in one go and take all the gutter with it. :rage:


Just came off a neighbours roof and buried the child. How did @TreatyStones miss that!


My facia & gutters took a real battering off Ophelia so this could be the end game. :man_facepalming:


My own gutters got mangled by melting snow


Sure you could get run over by a bus etc etc
Why would you be bothered worrying


:astonished: :face_vomiting: