The Weather Thread


What a Statesman Leo is :clap::clap::clap::clap:


When you are fighting with a Tory named Jacob Rees-Mogg you are winning votes in every constituency


Would I be wasting my time hosing down the roof? Or will it matter a jot?

It’s on a knife edge here.


We battered a few fuckers last night, thanks for the help @KinvarasPassion, @TreatyStones, @Kid_Curry, @carryharry and @scumpot. Hope you all got home safe after.


The BIG thanks should really be aimed at @Scumpot for putting us up for the night.


I went and knocked off the accumulations with a shovel, the pitch is steep enough on that roof so it had already slipped down and built up with the thaw


My fear in doing so is the whole lot slipping away and ripping my gutters & facia clean off.


If your pitch is low and it isn’t too much pressure building up on the gutters you could just let nature take its course. My issue was the pitch meant a lot came down together.


@TreatyStones has left the situation room and is now handing out home protection and storm damage amelioration advice to harmless lads like @carryharry

His ability to move seamlessly between the high powered and the mundane should mark him out as a poster to be watched


I’ll give you harmeless you Cark cunt.


I may be cunt but I’m a Dub.


There’s no trace of Cark weirdo in you at all?


Only for a few seasons. Professionally :wink:


I remember a certain AI Semi Final leaving severe Egg on your Face alright.


I’ve no idea what you’re talking about :smile:


A few bird species around in this weather that wouldn’t be near the bird table usually. Lapwings and redwings lapping up the seed


Pouring rain now. Fast thaw is on and flooding is going to be the next problem.


Where are you? Can you send a drop to Co Tipperary like a good chap.


Get the hose out and wash it down lad ffs.Dint leave it to M.Nature.


It was great to finally meet @scumpot and strike another stake through the theory that the environment alone does not make the man.