The Weather Thread


This is a relief. Although truth be told I had no problem getting to the gym this morning so could manage mass.


I’m in the Rising Sons Brewery. It’s as slushy as fuck outside. Big meltdown on your way.


First cyclists spotted on Ringsend Road since Tuesday. :biking_man:


I had to go over to Donnybrook in the car. Main roads were ok, although most down to one effective lane each way. South side much worse than the North Bay Area. Footpaths lethal. Had to go down a side street in Donnybrook and the car got stuck. Took forty minutes to dig it out. In the course of that I fell and damaged my kneecap so I’m even more crippled than normal.



Sorry about that. Snow is a cunt of a thing.


Sorry to hear that.


Hope you’ll be ok


Sorry to hear that Fagan


Attempts to clear the road today. Could have access tomorrow. Neighbours dropped in bread. No milk to be got.


Sorry to hear that Fagan. Let me know if you want me to pick up some messages for you.


Grand thaw on the Cooley peninsula. Made it into Lidl earlier and got some beer.


Hope you’re ok pal. How is bobby finding the conditions?


Back from an excursion into town to pick up some beer & milk. Had to shop around a bit to find the bainne. There isn’t a paper to be found, I’d say this week’s Leader will eventually sell out. Roads the finesht round Limerick. :+1:


The shelves in Tesco were empty, I got lovely fruit and veg from O’Neils grengrocer on William street,


Why didn’t you get that nephew of yours to pick up your dry cleaning.


Great to get out today with the kids and make a bit of craic in the snow


Thanks for the kind words chaps. I’ll be grand. Knew I was taking a risk going down that street but stupidly I went ahead. Hopefully I’ll learn my lesson.


You’re a fair man to wield a billhook


The coddle hit the spot, his missus is a gem


Labane on the news there @labane1917