The Weather Thread


That was tough going. Just about got out alive… Have I missed anything??

Hope everyone and all belonging to you are ok lads…it was a close call.


Nope, in contrast to the weather it’s been sunshine and calmness all the way on TFK, I think @codegreen had a mental breakdown and @Brimmer_Bradley had three nice pints


@rocko has imposed martial law and is threatening to bring in internment


The first rule of fight club…


I’m not surprised… There’s a pretend Italian spamming the shit out of the place relentlessly.


A pretend poster


5 pretend posters.


Is it flooded again?


Had donnybrook fair run out of produce in malahide?


Maybe when the snow thaws


Definite thaw underway - it’s relatively muggy out there at the moment, but the underfoot conditions are treacherous.

Dublin will run out of beer tonight. It’s already out of milk.


I’m sure Dubs will find a depot or warehouse full of drink to rob and replenish their stocks.


Or Hoover


Snowing again in Tipperary.


great camraderie in the community today
lads outs clearing the road , pushing cars put of snow and shovelling all day
it did the place a power of good


Samantha Libreri reporting from Wexford on the news there. Christ, we took an absolute battering. I’ve never seen my home street the way it’s been over these last few days. It’s actually incredible that 37 of the 38 man senior hurling panel made it to training last night. Unreal commitment.


Shane Quinn from Labane is a lovely gentle soft spoken fellow on the news there.


Davy’s draconian regime marches on.


Some old Muldoon on the news there called Norbert :rofl:


53cm of snow in Bunclody, Co Wicklow, according to Siobhan Ryan on the weather. :angry:

She should know it’s in Carlow.