The Weather Thread


She also said the current weather warning is in place until 12am tomorrow. She’s all over the shop.


Snowing heavily here again :rage:


The was so two days ago, get over it.


To be fair, most of Tipperary is 30 years behind everywhere else, so @carryharry should count himself very lucky to be in a rare part of it that’s only two days behind.


Nice soft evening and a balmy 5 degrees outside in East Muskerry.

Kudos to @TreatyStones, Sean Hogan and the nerdlingers on the [Model/Technical Discussion Only] thread on Boards for guiding us through the last few days.


She must be from Tyrone


I must say, it was some pain in the hole leaving the car at the foot of the driveway for the last few days.


Galway roasters



Aaaaaaaand it’s gone. An absolute Giro d’Italia from start to finish for the Stones this week. :raised_hands:


Just back from a twenty (20) minute mass. It was a balmy three degrees outside.


You won’t believe how spectacular the Cliffs of Moher looked during storm Emma.




Very good.


my lower arms are knackered this morning from shovelling all day yesterday
i thought it would have been shoulders
it was mostly aerobic shovelling but also some anaerobic bursts like when cars were stuck in snow ( we had a fella en route to a maternity hospital , a successful trip he had thank god)
@caoimhaoin was my form poor?


Poor form shovelling would usually manifest itself in the lower back


I’d fail to believe a man brought up on the docks of Cobh and Foynes could have poor shovelling form


as confirmed by @caoimhaoin


Filling out betting slips and lifting pints won’t help your form for shoveling anything.


Ronnie Wood has a house near Clane, which was one of the worst hit areas. Fair play to Mick and the boys for coming over to help him out. I hear Ronnie took in some locals who were homeless and knocked on his door the other day - they asked him to Gimme Shelter and he obliged.