The Weather Thread


Hopefully it hasn’t affected prep for their big day out in Croker in May. The Blue Army normally own GAA HQ for the summer, but no doubt the Stones will paint it black.


some serious shovel work done there
sweat pouring off us
having a can of carling now


Two hours shoveling. My snow shovel covered itself in glory while lads were struggling with garden tools and implements.

We’ll reconvene at 4 in the pub.


You are a truly inspirational character when you put your mind to something.


I bet he took a few shovel loads of snow home for himself as part of the pay he was entitled to.


I decided to let the snow melt rather than waste energy shoveling it

Great decision


Lads out shovelling snow that’ll be melted shortly


This morning in Curracloe :open_mouth:


You’d be wondering how lads sleep at night at all, hosing it off the roof as well :grinning:


ive been mugged off


For all the weather experts on here they seemed to struggle with this fairly basic fact


@carryharry in the pissing rain risking his life on top of his house hosing a roof without the gumption to realise the rain will wash it away


Anywhere in Dublin to get a bit of fruit and veg lads? Not a single bit of fruit, veg or meat on the shelves in Tesco Merrion there cc @artfoley


I did no such thing, global warming is working naturally.
Shovelling is also a no go here.


Tesco dun laoghaire fairly well stocked at the mo


Lads who won’t shovel a bit of snow probably won’t make their beds either. Sure i’ll Only mess it up later. Ate their dinner out of a pot and rinse one cup over and over.


Snow melts mate, beds don’t make themselves


Brain over brawn. :clap:


Was listening to PSBs opportunities earlier brah


Lack of pride in the home is one of the main problems in state sponsored accomodation